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Discover Curate Manage Share

Discover new podcasts through personalized recommendations, more content and powerful searching

Get recommendations for great new shows based on your interests, subscriptions, favorites, friends and more.

Use built-in search to find amazing episodes of shows you didn't know existed.

Fall even deeper into your favorite podcasts with show notes, host/guest info, ratings & reviews, discussions and content across social networks.

Curate custom feeds by combining shows into blends or creating playlists of your favorite episodes

Create a blend to combine podcasts into a single feed based on genre, hosts, or anything else you can think of.

Craft "best-of" or "new listener" playlists, with custom clips and episodes from your favorite shows.

Blends and playlists give you quick access to groups of shows and episodes in one place, along with RSS feeds to subscribe anywhere.

Manage your subscriptions by organizing your podcasts and subscribing in your favorite apps

Use blends to group similar shows together into one feed and streamline your listening experience by subscribing to fewer, more organized RSS feeds wherever you listen to podcasts.

Subscribe to custom RSS feeds generated for you automatically - like all your favorited episodes, or the latest from your subscriptions.

Share your favorites via social media or create unique feeds you can give to your friends

Send your friends direct links to shows, episodes and collections. Or create a special feed just for them.

Even link directly to episode timestamps or create clips to share on social media.

With support for Twitter, Facebook, and Google, you'll finally have a good answer when people ask "what podcasts should I listen to?"